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Common cold storage shelf classification:
Through-shelf: This kind of cold storage shelf has low investment cost and large storage density. It is suitable for storing large quantities and small varieties of goods. The cargo access mode is stored first and then taken. The forklift has high storage efficiency and high reliability, and is suitable for most Handling machinery storage operations.
Shuttle type shelf: This type of cold storage shelf is similar to the drive-in shelf. It can be used with the shuttle. The cost is low-to-medium type. The shelf channel and the storage device (shuttle) work channel are combined. The forklift is only on the shelf. The end loads and unloads the goods to the shelf, and the shuttle goods are transported from the storage end to the delivery end by the shuttle. It can meet the requirements of FIFO, the forklift does not need to access the goods in the channel, the safety is high, and the working efficiency is higher than that of the drive-in rack.
Push-back shelves: The push-back shelves combine the advantages of drive-in shelves and gravity-type shelves. It is made up of multi-layer trolleys, and the track on the shelf has a certain slope. It is suitable for the storage of large quantities of small quantities of goods, and the use of goods is not required. The press-in or technical space utilization rate is very high, the access is convenient and flexible, the total depth of the shelf is within 6 tray depth, the unit cargo weight is less than 1500kg, the shelf height is below 6m, the shelf manufacturing precision is high, and the advanced output is followed. Working principle, the forklift does not need to enter the storage channel, and operates at the lower end. The press-in shelf is suitable for occasions where the cold storage and cargo picking requirements are not high.
Tray-type shelves: tray-type shelves are easy to access, simple equipment, simple installation and disassembly, low cost, beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, strong bearing capacity, the unit can carry up to 5t. Combined, no welding and screw installation, easy to transport.
Narrow alleyway (VNA) shelf: A narrow alleylift (also known as a three-way forklift) is used to store and take pallet goods in the roadway to the two side narrow lanes. The fork of the narrow alluvial (VNA) forklift has three-way rotation and side shifting functions. Therefore, the forklift does not need to turn at right angles when the pallet goods are stored in the passage. The narrow lanes can be used in various industries, which can reduce the labor intensity and reduce Errors, improve the level of storage automation and management; improve the quality of management and operation personnel, reduce storage and transportation losses, reduce the backlog of logistics funds, improve logistics efficiency, high storage density and so on.
The difference between cold storage shelves and general storage shelves:
The design of cold storage shelves and general storage shelves is similar, but because there are no special requirements for the design and production of ordinary warehouses, the cold storage has certain requirements for materials and anti-rust coatings. This is also the biggest difference between design and ordinary warehouse shelves. At the office.
Cold storage shelves generally use high-rise shelves, also known as three-dimensional shelves. The temperature of the cold storage is generally below minus 16°, so the insulation performance of the warehouse and the rationality of the shelf design are very important. The former can reduce the cost of electricity, and the latter can reduce the cost in terms of increasing the cargo space and improving the efficiency of the inventory.
Cold storage shelves in terms of material selection, although Q235 is also possible, it is best to use materials with low stress and toughness, as close as possible to the theoretical performance of Q235. In the surface treatment of the shelf, double protection, rust-proof layer and frozen layer are required. In the industry, there is currently a special plastic powder in this aspect, as long as the quality is good.