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Ordinary heavy-duty shelves are mainly composed of column pieces and beams, and the column pieces contain two columns. Ordinary heavy-duty shelf depth is generally about 1 meter. When the shelf length, width and height are large, heavy shelf depth is more than 1 meter or 1.2 meters, and the layer load is heavier (≥3T), the sales staff of Nanjing Warehouse Shelf Company will generally It is recommended to use 3 column heavy duty shelves.

The difference between the three-column heavy-duty shelf and the ordinary heavy-duty shelf structure is that the column piece consists of three columns, each layer has three layers of beams, and the middle beam serves as a support to ensure that the load is satisfied and the appearance is elegant and suitable for manual access to goods. In case, the carrying capacity is usually 500Kg - 1500Kg / layer, which can meet most of the requirements. With an electric picking truck, the shelf height can reach 4 meters. A set of three-column heavy-duty shelves top two shelves, the cost is reduced, and the load capacity of the shelf is greatly increased, and the connection can be unlimited.

In addition to the three-column heavy-duty shelves, there are three-column mold shelves, three-column medium-sized shelves and so on. The three-column shelves increase the depth and shelf of the shelves, and also save the cost for the enterprise, so the three-column shelves are more and more widely used. If you want to know more about the three-column shelves, you can call Nanjing Warehouse Shelf Company 400-0909-111.