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A plastic pallet (pallet) is a logistics unit used in conjunction with logistics equipment such as forklifts and shelves. It can be used to store, load and transport goods. It is one of the essential logistics equipment in modern logistics and warehousing. The appearance of plastic pallets is to meet the needs of environmental protection. The use of plastic pallets instead of wooden pallets can reduce the best products for forest damage; it is an inevitable product to adapt to the development of logistics industry. With the continuous strengthening of food safety concept, the high hygiene requirements of the pharmaceutical industry Plastic pallets are favored and sought after by the food and pharmaceutical industries for their anti-corrosion, anti-moisture, anti-corrosion, anti-insect, and non-mold. In addition, plastic pallets have a wide range of applications in the chemical, textile, and manufacturing industries due to their high load carrying capacity and long service life.
Pallet stacking
1. Hard or rectangular cargo such as wood, paper and metal containers, single or multi-layer interlaced, stretch or shrink film packaging;
2. Multi-layer pallets of paper or fiber cargo single-layer goods, sealed with a cross strap;
3. Sealed metal containers and other cylindrical cargo single or multi-layer pallets, wooden cargo cover reinforcement;
4. Paper products and textile goods that need to be protected from moisture and water, single or multiple layers of interlaced goods, stretched or shrink film packaging, increased angle support, cargo cover partitions and other reinforcement structures;
5. One-way or multi-layer stacking of fragile goods, adding wooden support baffle structure;
6. Metal bottle type cylindrical container or cargo single layer vertical stacking, increase the reinforcement structure of the cargo frame and slats;
7. Multi-layer interlaced compaction of bagged goods.