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Long span racking
1.Lower cost  Higher safety factor
Guarantee the quality of stored goods, with moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti-theft, anti-destruction and other functions, widely used in manual storage. To meet the needs of logistics warehousing management with low cost, low loss and high efficiency.
2.100% selectivity
Easy access to goods, can achieve first-in, first-out, so that inventory turnover is completely smooth; so that the goods in the warehouse at a glance, so that goods inventory, division, measurement and other work becomes very easy.
3.Fully assembled structure,arbitrary disassembly and assembly.
All of them adopt fully assembled structure. They are easy to disassemble, transport, adjust and move. Layer height can be used according to the needs of the goods.
50mmThe integer multiple is adjusted so that the storage is convenient and flexible.
4.Convenient collocation
Goods suitable for different warehouses.
Flexible design according to actual site and cargo requirements;
Pavable inventory goods such as wooden boards, steel plates, grilles, etc. can be placed to suit different goods.
Auxiliary equipment such as span beams, seals (nets) and casters can also be added.
The diamond-shaped pass is used to clamp directly with the column of the cross beam without screw and is convenient for disassembly and assembly. Hole spacing is50MMAccording to the needs of the goods, the height of the upper and lower layers can be adjusted arbitrarily.
The two ends are welded with post grabbing clamps, which are directly inserted into the hole of the post, without welding and screw, so the bearing capacity is strong.
Steel plate, wood board, hollow steel plate or steel grille floor can be choiced to meet different needs.