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Stacking trusses, also known as clever racks and stacking racks, are transport and storage devices derived from pallets. They are one of the multi-functional equipments for cargo unit assembly, commodity storage and commodity circulation. They need to be used with forklifts.

Stacking trusses can be stacked 3 to 4 layers to form a three-dimensional storage mode, without the need for equipment such as shelves, storage cages and pallets. It is suitable for use in rental warehouses, low-grade old warehouses or workshop temporary storage areas, etc. region.

Features: Convenient and reliable, can be put together when not in use, saving space.

The goods can be quantitatively stored, distributed and distributed in a planned manner. Storage and transportation are convenient and fast!

The stacking truss can effectively protect the goods from damage during transportation. The safety of the goods is guaranteed.