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The telescopic cantilever rack is improved on the basis of ordinary cantilevered shelves, and the original functions are improved and enhanced, and at the same time, some shortcomings of the traditional cantilevered shelves are made up.

1. The shelf structure is different. The telescopic cantilever shelf structure is more advanced. The main frame is welded to form an assembly unit, and the moving part is supported by bearings, using rack and pinion and crank.

2. The direction of the cantilever expansion and contraction is different. The telescopic cantilever shelf cantilever can be adjusted not only up and down, but also can be adjusted by about 100%, and can be adjusted left and right to extend the shelf body.

3. The order of accessing goods is different. Ordinary cantilever racks can only take the upper layer and then take the lower layer when picking up the goods. It is very inconvenient to put the upper layer and then put the upper layer in stock. Telescopic cantilever rack access is arbitrary and is not limited by the order and height levels.

4. The types of goods that can be stored are different. Ordinary cantilever shelves can only store some ordinary goods, while telescopic cantilever shelves have more types of storage, storage goods are not limited by the size of the specifications, most types of goods can be stored, such as some poorly stored pipes, profiles, rods Materials, square tubes, cylinders, aerospace parts, military parts, long cargo, large cargo, irregularly shaped goods, etc. can be stored, storage length up to 70 meters.

5. The required supporting equipment is different. The telescopic cantilever rack is matched with the crane and the crane to realize the mechanized access. It is used in the general factory, and there is no need to purchase other equipment to save costs.

6. Storage capacity and space utilization are different. The telescopic cantilever rack is used with the crane, and does not need too much passage. The overall footprint of the shelf is small, the arrangement is tight, the storage capacity is large, and it is suitable for a small warehouse. The shelf cantilever itself can be adjusted and adjusted to save space. The overall storage capacity is a common cantilever. 2-3 times the shelf.