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Cross-border e-commerce warehouse shelf case

Cross-border e-commerce bonded warehouses are the main enterprises of cross-border e-commerce. The warehouses are located in the bonded area or the bonded port area. The bonded area/port area belongs to the domestic customs, the domestic goods entering the area is equivalent to the export, and the overseas goods entering the area is not equal to the official import. No taxes, no certificates, etc.
With the development of cross-border e-commerce, powerful e-commerce companies such as Alibaba, Jingdong, and NetEase Koala have begun to implement the model of bonded and stocking. The selected areas of the country are conducive to the development of their own areas and the establishment of warehouses. The large-scale goods exist in the special supervision place of the bonded area, realizing the timeliness, and can be quickly mailed to the domestic consumers through the courier company. Compared with mailing from abroad, the time cost is greatly reduced, and the domestic consumers can be the shortest. Received foreign products purchased within the time.


As early as the beginning of cross-border e-commerce development, Ouya De Storage Equipment Group has sniffed the business opportunities of cross-border e-commerce warehousing planning, and has successively reached cooperation with multi-land bonded areas to provide them with one-stop warehousing services from planning and design to installation.
The case shared below is the rookie logistics warehouse in a certain bonded area.