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Heavy-duty laminate shelf project in the textile industry

Congratulations on the completion of the heavy-duty laminate shelf project of a large textile company in Yangzhou

    China is a big country in the production and export of textiles. After years of development, the Chinese textile industry has obvious competitive advantages. Because of the special nature of textiles, if stored in an environment with excessive humidity for a long time, it will absorb moisture and moisture, resulting in yellowing of textiles and mildew spots, which seriously affect the value of textiles. In the entire processing process of the textile mill, strict humidity control is required for both the production workshop and the storage warehouse.
    Speaking of warehouse storage, it is certainly impossible to leave the storage shelves.
The textile industry is also a familiar industry for our Ou Yade Warehouse Equipment Group. Usually, the textile industry products are mainly made of coil materials. When it comes to the storage of coil materials, we usually think of cantilevered shelves, which are more suitable for the storage of long strips and coils.
The case we introduced today is a large textile company in Yangzhou. Unlike some textile industries in the past, this time they used heavy-duty laminate shelves.

    The customer's textile products are mainly available in two sizes, one is 2.2 meters long, the single weight is 6 tons, the other is 4.2 meters, and the single weight is 16 tons. At the same time, the customer also suggested that because of the high value of the goods, the quality requirements are strict, and the requirements are guaranteed not to cause indentation and damage to the goods during the storage process. Considering the long length of the goods and the heavy weight, the technicians of the Ou Yade shelf have designed three-column heavy-duty laminate shelves and five-column heavy-duty laminate shelves for the customers, which meets the requirements of depth and ensures the load. In the original heavy-duty beam-type shelves, a layer is added, and a partition is also added between adjacent storage units, thereby effectively preventing the indentation caused by the beams of the shelves.

    At present, the three-column heavy-duty laminate shelf and the five-column heavy-duty laminate shelf have all been installed and put into use, and the customer is very satisfied with the use effect.