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Heavy-duty beam shelves and attic shelves in the pharmaceutical industry

Like other commodities such as fresh food and home appliances, the “last mile” that reaches the user in the logistics supply chain is the “one kilometer” with the highest cost. It is also the “one kilometer” that determines the efficacy of drug use and the safety of patients. ". An important part of China's new medical reform goals is to establish a standardized drug supply security system.

        China Pharmaceutical Group, which owns China's largest drug distribution network, became China's first pharmaceutical business group with over 100 billion yuan in the past year.

        Sinopharm Holding Guizhou Co., Ltd. was established in May 2010. It is the only provincial-level pharmaceutical sales platform established by Sinopharm Group, a subsidiary of China Pharmaceutical Group, in Guizhou Province. China National Pharmaceutical Group is directly managed by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. It focuses on the distribution, retail, R&D and production of health-related products such as preventive treatment and diagnostic care. China's largest pharmaceutical industry with the largest industrial chain and the strongest comprehensive strength. Industry group, in 2013, operating income exceeded 200 billion yuan. In 2012, it became the first Chinese pharmaceutical company to enter the world's top 500, ranking 10th among the world's top pharmaceutical companies. It is the only pharmaceutical health industry group in China with over 100 billion yuan.

        Sinopharm Holding Guizhou Co., Ltd. adheres to the corporate philosophy of China Pharmaceutical Group, fulfills the social responsibilities of the central enterprises, and has long been committed to supporting the rapid development of Guizhou's pharmaceutical health industry and the establishment of a drug supply security system for urban and rural integration, and solving the “last mile” of drug distribution. The problem is that the people really use the "safe medicine" and "convenience medicine".

        Sinopharm Guizhou Co., Ltd. has set up six regional subsidiaries in Anshun, Zunyi, Tongren, Xingyi, Duyun and Kaili, respectively. The sales network covers all levels of hospitals and township hospitals in the province, and has basically formed coverage. The province's urban and rural drug supply security system. Under the support of the provincial and municipal leaders, Sinopharm Holding Guizhou Co., Ltd. has developed rapidly, and its business scale has achieved a leap-forward growth of 30 times in three years. The number of products has reached more than 10,000, and the annual throughput has reached more than 3 million pieces. It is one of the largest pharmaceutical distribution enterprises in Guizhou Province with the largest sales volume, the fastest sales growth and the strongest comprehensive strength.

        As the only pharmaceutical health industry group in China with over 100 billion yuan, it is quite strict in selecting suppliers. After a series of selection and comprehensive investigation, Ou Yade Warehousing Group has the honor to become a supplier of its warehousing logistics part. Holding Guizhou Co., Ltd. provides a scientific and reasonable one-stop warehousing solution.

         The following picture shows the installation site of some storage shelves of Sinopharm Holding Guizhou Co., Ltd.



        This cooperation is only the beginning of our company and Sinopharm Group. During the cooperation process, our professional and dedicated attitude left a deep impression on our customers. The person in charge of purchasing of Sinopharm Group said that we have included our company in its excellent supplier list, and the first storage shelf project will be the first time after the launch. Contact us. Thanks to the trust of our customers, our company will continue to give back to new and old customers with quality products and services.