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Heavy beam shelves and through shelves for the food industry

Congratulations on the commissioning of a large food company shelf project in Shanxi

The food industry is an industry in which the Ou Yade Group has received more contacts. The food industry warehouse mainly consists of raw material materials, food packaging and finished foods. Food raw materials and finished foods have a certain period of warranty, and food is a consumer product, and the demand is large. Therefore, the warehouse shipment frequency of the food industry will generally be relatively high. Therefore, when planning for the food industry warehouse shelves, we usually need to consider these two points: 1. Guarantee first-in-first-out 2. Improve the efficiency of accessing goods.

Shanxi Large Food Co., Ltd. is located in Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province, and mainly produces baked snack foods with local flavors. The company has now developed into the largest bakery food enterprise in North China, and its products are sold to more than 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions and overseas regions.

In January 2018, the food company contacted us and hoped that we could come to the door to plan the warehouse. Our sales engineer arrived at the scene the first time. Like most food enterprise warehouses, what they need to address is mainly the storage of food raw materials, food packaging and finished foods. The customer has 8,000 square meters of new factory buildings. There are no storage shelves in the factory. Food packaging, raw materials and food are placed in the warehouse at will, which is not convenient for accessing, and is not convenient for inventory. It also brings hidden dangers to food safety and hygiene.

The sales engineer carefully measured the survey plant and communicated with the customer in detail. Soon after, we designed and designed a combination of heavy-duty beam shelves and through-shelf storage solutions for customers. Heavy-duty beam-type shelves are mainly used for storing food packaging. The through-type shelves are mainly used for storing food raw materials and finished foods, which not only saves customers money, improves the utilization rate of the warehouse, but also ensures the first-in-first-out of food raw materials and food. .
Sales engineers have come to the door many times to communicate, our professionalism and professionalism have left a deep impression on our customers, and finally established a cooperative relationship with the Ou Yade Group. The beam-type shelves and through-shelf projects were completed and put into use in June.

The picture below shows the picture of the shelf project, share with you