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Jiangyin narrow roadway shelf project completed successfully

Cooperation project: narrow roadway shelves

Customer Information: Jiangyin a large composite materials Co., Ltd.

Case Overview: This project is a narrow roadway shelf. Due to the limited utilization area of ​​the customer warehouse, we hope to use the space upwards. After the professional sales staff of our company face the scene, check the storage methods of customers' products and all kinds of demand data, and finally recommend customers to use narrow lane shelves. , mainly in terms of space utilization;

On-site description: Jiangtai Polymer mainly produces chemical products such as tape and wrapping film. The warehouse area is about 800 square meters, and the narrow roadway and shelf use area is about 600 square meters. According to the customer's scene picture, as well as the way the goods are placed, the pallets used, etc. A series of data reflects that customers have more goods, and the scene is more chaotic. After careful explanation by our company and your company, the case of the shelf case, the narrow laneway has small passageway, the forklift does not need to turn into the lane, and the fork is rotated by 180 degrees. Control the direction of the goods into the pre-position position, the overall structure is firm, and the effect is beautiful, so that customers can understand this type of shelf and understand the applicability of the narrow roadway shelf. The final customer Zhang Zong and He Manager will analyze and explain in all aspects of our company. Adopting our narrow roadway shelf design scheme; since the customer is doing tape products and involves chemical raw materials, the site placement is quite chaotic, so the narrow roadway shelves have the following applicable factors: 1 saving space and improving warehouse utilization; 2 raw materials Reasonable placement, improve the efficiency of accessing goods; applicable to the warehouse 8S effective tube . 3 The safety issues during the use of the warehouse can be reasonably controlled.

Scheme design: The narrow roadway shelf is used to store raw materials and semi-finished products. The goods are relatively large and the load is relatively large. In our design, the well-word block is adopted on the shelf beams of each narrow roadway to prevent the customer from carrying the wooden pallet. As well as the falling of the goods, the forklift rails are also arranged at the edge of the narrow roadway to facilitate the operation of the narrow roadway forklift. Therefore, the bearing, the structure and the aesthetics are not stable, and the design department thoroughly understands the customer's needs and plans A set of narrow roadway racking schemes, such as a narrow roadway plan design, a narrow roadway schematic, a narrow roadway side view, and a narrow roadway overall schematic are as follows: 


Overall analysis of the project: The project has been completed and put into use not long ago, and fully meets the requirements of the customers. They are quite satisfied with our company's early design and post-installation efficiency and product quality. The current phase II project has Start, our company is working hard to design.


Field case diagram after installation of narrow roadway